Soul Awaken @ Mirihof

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Retreats designed to upgrade your potential at the deepest level

Welcome to Soul Awaken, facilitated by Natasha and Stuart, the proud owners of Soul Awaken.  Soul Awaken is a progressive open minded company that embodies everything natural.  All our products are sourced ethically and organically and we provide natural and integrative products and services, to assist people to heal at the deepest levels.  We have developed and extensive natural product range, that we manufacture in South Africa.  We also offer retreats that facilitate healing at the deepest level.

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We can offer retreats for up to 6 people.

The retreats offer very deep detox, at a cellular level.  The retreat begins by gently introducing detox principles and the treatments slowly intensify to more deep seated detoxification treatments that assist to release the body of deep seated physical and emotional impurities.  We utilise nutrition, herbal treatments,  sauna, cold water, yoga, stretch and tone, exercise, pilates, rife technology, hot tub (only for detox retreats) and massage (not on Sundays).

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What we offer

  • Hot tub and cold water therapy.
  • Hot natural mineral baths.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Sauna, with Niacin (Vitamin B3) detox flushes.
  • Rife machine and healing.
  • Quantum machine diagnosis and healing.
  • Compex machine, muscle and neural pathway activation and healing.
  • Electromagnetic parasite cleanses.
  • Herbal parasite cleanses.
  • Intermittent fasting, juicing fasts and nutritional reboot.
  • Natural supplementation.
  • Healthy nutrition and nutritional advice.
  • Liver flushes.
  • Enema and colonic flushes.
  • Personal coaching at the physical, emotional and mind levels.
  • Gut detox and regeneration.
  • Yoga/pilates, deep tissue massage (not on Sundays)

3 to 10 Days packages

Variety of options available


Please contact us and let us know how we can create a tailormade retreat for you.

Retreats include all transfers to and from our retreat, from Cape Town International Airport.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful home and in guiding you through a journey of reconnection, healing and regeneration.

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Natasha is a nutritionist and sports science specialist and she has been advising and training people for 24 years.  Stuart practiced as a commercial pilot for 30 years.  Natasha and Stuart have been honing their skills with detoxification techniques, nutrition, intermittent fasting, fitness, sports and herbal remedies for the past 10 years.  They have guided many people through very deep detoxes and healing, over the years.  We look forward to assisting you to design at optimum retreat for you.

We live in the charming country town of Montagu, situated about 1 hour and 45 minutes drive from The City of Cape Town.  We are surrounded by farms and nature, with incredible mountain views.  We are situated in close proximity to beautiful mountain hikes and nature walks, as well as mineral baths and springs.  Our retreat is situated on our beautiful olive farm and we grow various types of olives and produce different olive products, including extra virgin olive oil.